Pearl Harbor Casualties

In Memory of the Fallen - December 7, 1941

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A total of 102 people found.

NameRankBranchLocationHome*Service ID
Adkins, Howard LucasF1cNavyUSS CaliforniaWV2661932
Allen, Moses AndersonMAtt1cNavyUSS CaliforniaNC        
Allen, Thomas BentonGM2cNavyUSS California        
Bailey, Wilbur HoustonSea1cNavyUSS CaliforniaTX        
Baker, Glen Sea2cNavyUSS California        
Ball, James WilliamF2cNavyUSS California        
Bandemer, Harold WilliamSea1cNavyUSS CaliforniaWY        
Bazetti, Michael LouisSea1cNavyUSS CaliforniaMO        
Beal, Albert QuentinRM2cNavyUSS CaliforniaCA4013660
Beckwith, Thomas StewartSF3cNavyUSS CaliforniaNY        
Blankenship, Henry WilburPhM1cNavyUSS CaliforniaCA        
Blount, John Andrew Jr.PFCMarine CorpsUSS CaliforniaLA        
Bowden, Edward DanielF2cNavyUSS CaliforniaNC2626609
Bowers, Robert K.EnsNaval ReserveUSS CaliforniaWA0-084057
Brewer, Robert LeroySea1cNavyUSS California        
Bush, Samuel JacksonMAtt1cNavyUSS California        
Butler, James WarrenF2cNavyUSS California        
Carpenter, Elmer LemuelBM1cNavyUSS California        
Clark, Cullen BenjaminF1cNavyUSS CaliforniaMS        
Cole, Francis EugeneMsmth2cNavyUSS California        
Cooper, Kenneth JamesFC3cNavyUSS California        
Curtis, Herbert S. Jr.Sea2cNavyUSS California        
Cutrer, Lloyd HenrySea2cNavyUSS CaliforniaLA        
Davis, Edward HopeSK1cNavyUSS CaliforniaOK        
Deetz, John WesleyGM3cNavyUSS California        
Dompier, Marshall LeonardSK2cNavyUSS CaliforniaWA        
Douglas, Norman W.Sea1cNavyUSS California        
Dugger, Guy F1cNavyUSS California        
Dukes, Billie JoeSea1cNavyUSS CaliforniaTX        
Durning, Thomas Roy Jr.Sea2cNavyUSS California        
Ernest, Robert WilliamSea2cNavyUSS CaliforniaPA2437944
Farley, Alfred JackSea2cNavyUSS CaliforniaLA        
Ferguson, Marvin Lee Jr.ASNavyUSS California        
Galaszewski, Stanley C.Sea2cNavyUSS CaliforniaOH2834440
Garcia, Robert StillmanSK3cNavyUSS CaliforniaTX3602144
Gary, Thomas JonesSea2cNavyUSS CaliforniaTX3602279
Gilbert, George H.EnsNaval ReserveUSS CaliforniaAZ0-097250
Gilbert, Tom Sea1cNavyUSS California        
Hanson, Helmer AnselSea2cNavyUSS CaliforniaWI        
Henderson, Gilbert AllenMAtt2cNavyUSS California        
Hildebrand, John A. Jr.F1cNavyUSS California        
Hillman, Merle Chester Jr.PhM2cNavyUSS CaliforniaCA2124685
Holley, Paul ElstonSea1cNavyUSS CaliforniaNE3165490
Jacobs, Richard FredrickSF3cNavyUSS CaliforniaIL        
Jeffrey, Ira W.EnsNavyUSS California        
Johnson, Melvin GrantRM3cNavyUSS CaliforniaWA        
Jones, Herbert CharpiotEnsNavyUSS CaliforniaCA        
Jones, Ernest MAtt3cNavyUSS California        
Kaufman, Harry BM1cNavyUSS CaliforniaCA        
Keener, Arlie GlenSK3cNavyUSS CaliforniaMO        
Kramer, Harry WellingtonF1cNavyUSS CaliforniaWI        
Lancaster, John ThomasHA1cNavyUSS California        
Larsen, Donald C. V.RM3cNavyUSS California        
Lee, Roy Elmer Jr.PVTMarine CorpsUSS CaliforniaOK        
Lewis, John EarlSK1cNavyUSS California        
London, James EdwardSK1cNavyUSS California        
Manges, Howard EllisFC3cNavyUSS CaliforniaMO        
Martin, John WinterF3cNavyUSS CaliforniaTN2957448
McGraw, George V.F1cNavyUSS CaliforniaWV2583016
McMeans, Clyde CliftonSea1cNavyUSS CaliforniaTX3602298
McMurtrey, Aaron L.Sea1cNavyUSS CaliforniaOK3563731
Milner, James WilliamF1cNavyUSS California        
Minter, James DeweySea2cNavyUSS California        
Mirello, Bernard JosephSea1cNavyUSS California        
Montgomery, William A.GM3cNavyUSS California        
Nelson, Marlyn WayneF2cNavyUSS California        
Newton, Wayne EdwardSea1cNavyUSS CaliforniaIN2915466
Parker, June WintonQM3cNavyUSS California        
Payne, Kenneth MorrisSea1cNavyUSS California        
Pendarvis, George E.F3cNavyUSS CaliforniaWA        
Pitts, Lewis William Jr.Sea2cNavyUSS CaliforniaOK        
Przybysz, Alexsander J.Prtr2cNavyUSS CaliforniaWI        
Pullen, Roy AlfredSea2cNavyUSS California        
Racisz, Edward StanleySea1cNavyUSS CaliforniaPA        
Reeves, Thomas JamesCRM (PA)NavyUSS CaliforniaCT        
Richey, Joseph L.EnsNaval ReserveUSS CaliforniaMO0-099668
Ripley, Edwin HerbertSea2cNavyUSS California        
Roberts, Earl ReedSea1cNavyUSS California        
Rosenthal, Alfred AaronRM3cNavyUSS California        
Ross, Joe BoyceRM2cNavyUSS California        
Royse, Frank WillardRM3cNavyUSS CaliforniaIN        
Saffell, Morris FranklinF1cNavyUSS CaliforniaAZ        
Scott, Robert RaymondMM1cNavyUSS CaliforniaOH        
Searle, Erwin LeroyGM3cNavyUSS California        
Shelly, Russell K. Jr.Mus2cNavyUSS California        
Shook, Shelby CharlesPVTMarine CorpsUSS California        
Simmons, Tceollyar Sea2cNavyUSS CaliforniaMI3115534
Simmons, Frank LeroyMAtt2cNavyUSS California        
Smith, Lloyd GeorgeSea2cNavyUSS CaliforniaAL        
Stafford, Gordon WilliamSea2cNavyUSS California        
Stapler, Leo MAtt1cNavyUSS CaliforniaOH        
Sweany, Charles E.EM1cNavyUSS California        
Szurgot, Edward FrankSK3cNavyUSS CaliforniaWI        
Treanor, Frank P.RM3cNavyUSS CaliforniaCA        
Turk, Pete Sea2cNavyUSS CaliforniaKS3422928
Ulrich, George VernonF1cNavyUSS California        
Vining, George EugeneMAtt2cNavyUSS CaliforniaGA        
Walker, David MAtt3cNavyUSS CaliforniaVA2661563
Wallen, Earl DelbertPFCMarine CorpsUSS CaliforniaAL        
Wilson, Milton SlossF3cNavyUSS CaliforniaTX        
Wodarski, Steven JosephSea1cNavyUSS California        
Wydila, John CharlesSF3cNavyUSS California        

*Note: Home or State of Entry