Pearl Harbor Casualties

In Memory of the Fallen - December 7, 1941

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A total of 31 people found.

NameRankBranchLocationHome*Service ID
Bills, Mathew T.PVTArmyHickam FieldNY12014696
Blackwell, Henry C.SGTArmyCamp MalakoleCA20920836
Brown, Clyde C.CPLArmyCamp MalakoleCA20920839
Bryant, Claude L.CPLArmyFort Kamehameha6999009
Bubb, Eugene B.PVTArmyFort KamehamehaPA7026660
Byrd, Theodore F. Jr.PFCArmyWheeler FieldFL14019881
Chagnon, Joseph J.SGTArmyHickam FieldNY6908124
Da Torre, Orste PFCArmyFort KamehamehaNY12006276
Davenport, Ernest J.PVTArmyHickam FieldNC6948402
Duquette, Donat George Jr.PVTArmyFort Kamehameha6149887
Fadon, Paul J.SGTArmySchofield BarracksWA6564392
Favreau, Arthur ArmondPFCArmyFort Shafter6154534
French, Walter R.PVTArmySchofield BarracksTX18008040
Gannam, George K.S SGTArmyWheeler FieldGA6926173
Hartford, Carlton H.PVTArmyHickam FieldNH11015352
Herbert, Joseph C.S SGTArmyWheeler FieldMD6844109
Kujawa, Conrad PFCArmySchofield BarracksIN6668643
Lewis, Theodore J.CptArmySchofield BarracksPA6897750
Medlen, Joseph AlfordCPLArmyFort Barrette6291014
Migita, Torao PVTArmySchofield BarracksHI30101619
Mitchell, John G.CPLArmyWheeler FieldKS16012572
Rasmussen, Warren D.SGTArmyCamp MalakoleCA20920790
Robbins, Anson E.PVTArmyWheeler FieldMA11009597
Schmersahl, George R.SGTArmyWheeler Field6979080
Schott, Robert L.PFCArmyWheeler FieldIN15059273
Shattuck, Robert R.PFCArmyWheeler FieldWI16007831
Sherman, Robert O.SGTArmyWheeler FieldNY6980227
Sullivan, Edward FrancisPVTArmyFort Kamehameha6978109
Sylvester, William Grover1ST LTArmyFort Weaver0-363247
Walczynski, Andrew A.S SGTArmyWheeler FieldMN6802945
Ziskind, Samuel J.PVTArmyFort ShafterNY12000726

*Note: Home or State of Entry